National Gardening Exercise Day: 7 Amazing Bulldogs Working in the Garden

featured image by @ spike_bill_and_gertie_bulldogs

Every 6th of June of each year we celebrate National Gardening Exercise Day. And how to observe? These hardworking Bulldogs will show you how! Not much of  a green thumb? No problem. Even if your plants doesn’t survive this year, you can always try next year and the next. Gardening is very therapeutic according to a lot of Bulldogs. Even though it does not make their wrinkles disappear, it helps them stretch their muscles by weeding, jumping and even sleeping. So keep scrolling for amazing tips on how to do gardening the right way!

1. For me there are 4 steps to gardening: Secure a place for planting, ask for seeds, watch them grow and reap what you sow.


2. You got that right! Too much of a grassy lawn does not make me happy. So I cut them with what I have!


3. I don’t do gardening just to go with the flow. I love planning very well and making sure my design is what I really want!


4. I look around the neighborhood and take photos of my neighbor’s gardens to get an idea of awesome garden design.


5. I love adding lights, dead trees, balls, rocks and pictures in my garden. And I just let weeds grow – they have feelings too!


6. I take naps and just wait for my plants to grow. Napping just like gardening is very rejuvenating.


7. Add some fertilizers if you need to. And most of importantly, don’t be afraid to hire professionals to handle the dirty stuff.


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