Screen-Free Week: 5 Powerful Tips to Keep Bulldogs Away From Electronics

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First full week of May is Screen-Free Week, which means you gotta spend time away from your phone, iPads, TV, or anything involves watching something on screen. It includes playing on Xbox too. So, how do you keep your Bulldogs from getting bored without having to entertain them through watching shows? Keep reading for awesome tips and enjoyable activities from other Bulldogs.

1. First go shopping. I love to shop happy meals at Mcdonalds because they have toys in their food.


2. Teach someone younger than you what to do in case of earthquake, including how to play hide and seek. That’s hitting two birds with one bone!


3. Audition as commercial model for dog food. Just don’t forget to remind your mom to record the show so you can watch it the following week. You can’t watch it this week remember?


4. Volunteer for activities that teaches you to become a responsible Bulldog, like baby sitting. You will make your mom so proud and happy.


5. Last but not least, give yourself some love my spending at least 10 hours of sleep! Don’t be like other bullies out there who are still awake at 4 AM playing Minecraft.


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