5 Popular Bulldog Memes That Will Make You Cry Laughing

Memes are fun when they are written in a funny way. But meme mixed with Bulldogs? You going to cry laughing at some of these memes we found on Instagram.  Believe it or not, Bulldogs are one of the funniest dogs even if they don’t try to be funny. The way they sit and look at you is already funny. How much more when these Bulldogs really tell you something? These dogs have their own human expressions and most of them act like one!

1. Are you one them? Cute but not summer ready?


2. You will not stop holding this one even with a low battery. The very opposite thing you will do with a phone.


3. I don’t think you will laugh at this one, but it surely will melt your heart.  Cuteness overload!!!


4. This one isn’t only funny, but also the grossest of all! Tell your Bulldog not to do both!


5. I bet you are trying to copy this look right now!  Maybe the meme isn’t too funny without this facial expression.


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