5 Ways to Raise Your Dog in an Eco Friendly Way

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It’s clear to everyone… Climate change is undeniable! As a responsible dog owner, this means contributing your share and striving to bring up your dog in a way that’s more eco-friendly.

Now that’s easy to say, isn’t it?

But what does it really mean??

We all know about Reduce Reuse and Recycle. Knowing catchphrases is all well and good. But how does one go about practicing it??

Especially when it comes to raising your puppy? How do you bring your best friend up in what can be considered an environment-friendly manner??

Well, as a matter of fact, there are a whole bunch of things you can do. And in this post, we’ll get into just a few of them…

5 Great Tips to Raise Your Dog in an Eco-Friendly Way

From basic things to the more thoughtful actions, there are a number of ways you can raise fido in an environmentally conscious way. And feel good about it too!

1. Buy that Doggy Food in Bulk!

Buying in bulk isn’t just economical, it’s eco friendly for sure! How do you ask?

Consider this…

When you buy anything in bulk, you:

  • Reduce what’s likely plastic waste with the packaging
  • Save several trips to the store, or on deliveries
  • And with more of us buying in bulk, manufacturers would also be discouraged from wasting resources on short-life products

The only possible problem, if you’re careless, with bulk buys is that the food might go stale if not stored properly in air-tight containers. Just be careful there.

2. Better Yet Try to Cook Dog Food at Home as Much as Possible!

This is obviously much better for your goal of raising your dog in an eco-friendly way! Cooking or baking dog food yourself would definitely save on resources. And would cut everything that goes into packaging.

Plus homely food and treats are always healthier for your puppy. So it’s a win-win!

3. Dispose Waste Responsibly

A lot of owners don’t realize that doggy poop can actually be harmful to the environment.

That’s right!

You’d think it would work something like natural fertilizer or something. But that would only work properly if you actually compost it!

Also, please don’t use those use-and-throw plastic poop bags! There are environment-friendly biodegradable poop bags available.

4. Recycle!!

You might wonder what it is that you could possibly recycle when it comes to raising your dog in an eco-friendly way…

Well, actually, when you think about it, there are a few things you can! What do you do with stuff like old:

  • Toys
  • Dishes
  • Crates
  • Blankets and other clothes?
  • Brushes and other doggy things

They needn’t even be old. Some of us do throw away stuff at the slightest hint of damage or wear if it’s cheap enough to replace.

It’s fine if you really want to replace older or damaged stuff, but you need not throw them away! Places like shelters and even small clinics might find a good use for them. And there could be buyers online just like for other used stuff.

And if you can, do take the time to fix the damage, if at all possible, before giving things away. It’s good to be nice!

5. Buy Products Responsibly

What do we mean by that? Simply taking the time to consider what you’re buying, who you’re buying from, and what it’s made of.

Toxic ingredients in grooming and cleaning products are common enough. So apart from doing your pup’s health a solid, you’d also be doing your duty to the environment in a small way by avoiding or flagging such products.

Why not try natural remedies instead?

You need not use them exclusively, of course. But using more such products is always good.

Be sure to consult your vet before buying stuff like flea medication. Those can really have some nasty chemicals that have no business being near your dog, let alone on her skin.

Being aware, and spreading awareness of harmful products that can harm your dog and the environment is a small but solid step to raising your dog in an eco-friendly way.

We hope you like these tips on going green with your dog and raising your dog in an eco-friendly way. If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, do tell us in the comments section below!

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