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Swimming Day With Our Professional Bulldog Swimmers

Featured Photo Credit: @brie_and_romeo
Who said a Bulldog can not swim like a pro? Maybe not all of them can (or do like) but certainly they all have tried a moment in the water. And if you do take bulldogs swimming, make sure to put on their life vest! Today, we took a walk to the Bulldogology pool to meet our professional swimmers practicing really hard, also, we found out that some of them don’t like at all what they’re doing and they have some really funny reactions. Put your swimsuit on, bring your bully with you, show him the water world and start to get ready for the summer.

1. I’m a Bulldog swimming the doggy paddle.

2. You know, I like to relax first before swimming.

3. Running feat Swimming is the best mix.

4. Oh my god, please, get me outta here!

5. Swimmers have some fun too!

6. This is a risky sport sometimes!

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