5 Ways to Best Use Dog Dental Chews to Help Your Puppy’s Dental Health

dog dental chews

It’s rare for dog dental chews to be a priority on many owners’ shopping lists.


Well, most dental treats for dogs are essentially considered to be luxuries, and not really necessities – and far from medical ones.

It’s the same for other products – be it dog dental chews, dental bones for dogs, dog dental spray, or dog dental sticks…for the average owner, they all read pretty much as “dog dental” toys or just “doggy candy”, nothing more.

But are they really?

In this article, we talk about the things you should keep in mind when using dental chews for dogs and other such products.

1. Dental Treats Should Be Big and Chewy Enough to Do Their Job

The secret behind the effectiveness of dog chew toys and treats in their fight against tooth decay is their inherent chewiness.

In short, the products that are chewier are usually more effective.

Think about it.

How do dog teeth cleaning treats or dental treats and other treats really work?

The more your puppy chews on them, the more they scrape and clean away at the built-up plaque and food particles stuck in their teeth.

The best dog dental chews are large enough that they’re able to do their job before being gulped down completely.

So in short:

If your puppy isn’t really working on his dental treats or chews, it’s time to try a different product.

2. Make Sure They’re Vet-Recommended

The market for dog oral care products has mushroomed at an incredible scale in recent years.

Hasn’t it?

Among the niche of dog dental chews itself there are a host of options, be it Greenies dental chews or Milk-Bone dental chews or any other brand.

And, you guessed it…

For that very reason, it’s important to choose only the products that have been well tested, have safe ingredients, and come certified by the Veterinary Oral Health Council and your vet.

The best dog dental products should check all three boxes.

So make sure you check out the dog dental chews reviews and have a look at the label before buying them.

3. Watch the Calories

Brushing your puppy’s teeth often involves a good bit of wrestling her around on the bathroom floor.

And if that’s a regular occurrence, it’s easy to be tempted to lean more heavily on dental treats and chews and skip the odd brushing session.

But you know better, don’t you?

Apart from the question of effectiveness, doing this also piles on the calories for your puppy.

At the end of the day, dental treats are after all treats!

And if you keep letting your puppy pop them in all day long, you bet it’ll mess up her diet.

4. The Same Treats May Not Work on All Dogs

Another important, but oft-ignored consideration.

The sheer variety of breeds and their different characteristics makes it near impossible to make one-size-fits-all products.

It’s the same for dental treats and chews for dogs.

There can be major differences in the structure of the mouth, jaw, and teeth among breeds.

And therefore the same product, while effective for a little Chihuahua or pug, may well be ineffective for a Bully.

Admit it, didn’t think about it did you?

So, next time do a bit of research and consult your vet to make sure you find the right product.

Unless it fits right even the best dental treats for dogs may prove ineffective for your puppy.

5. Nothing Beats Regular Brushing

And lastly, it’s crucial to know that whatever magic your dental chew of choice wields, it can’t possibly beat brushing.

And you can guess why…

Brushing allows the toothbrush bristles to pick at all the hard-to-reach nooks in your puppy’s mouth that dog dental chews can’t possibly ever clean.

Dental chews for puppies will likely keep the crowns and general surface of their teeth relatively clean.

But for the food particles stuck between teeth or along the gum lining, brushing is what really works.

That, and regular check-ups at the vets.

So make sure you don’t shirk on that, no matter how much your puppy might resist.

We hope you find these tips and suggestions handy. If you have some of your own that you believe should be on here, do let us know through comments!

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