Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats: Reviewing Top 8 and Helpful Tips

dog teeth cleaning treats

Preserve your cherished dog’s dental health with nutritious dental treats. Just as dental hygiene is essential for humans, it’s equally important for dogs. This article will offer an overview of the best dog dental care snacks on the market. Keep reading for valuable information.

Quick Picks of Dental Chews for Dogs

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Let’s discuss more these dog treats later. For now, may we give you some facts about them?


As a dog parent, should you consider the oral health of your pup? Of course, you should. He can also suffer from periodontal disease and other dental problems.

Issues in his dental health can result in lost or broken teeth and loss of appetite. The worst case is the damage it can cause to the other organs due to the bacteria caused by diseased gums.

Brushing and cleaning the teeth of your dog are great means for oral health maintenance. Dental chews along with special diets may have oral benefits. However, using these products has precautions.

How Do Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats Work?

Not too many fur parents relish the thought of brushing a dog’s teeth. This is the reason some of them purchase dental treats to compromise.

Dogs can establish bacteria and plaque which may lead to tartar within 36 hours. This can lead to periodontal disease, infection, and inflamed gums.

It is also about keeping your dog healthy not just about his nice smile and cavities. So, what do the chews can do? You can prevent bad breath and halitosis or poor teeth if you brush his teeth or give him treats and bones.

Vets suggest cleansing chews and treats as a supplement to keep his teeth in the best conditions. However, they recommend that this should be done in moderation without letting go of the main dental care elements.

In addition, the treats offer fun and environmental enhancement. They keep the pup’s teeth clean and healthy.

For the above reasons, pet food manufacturers have launched chew treats that are good for dogs’ dental and oral health. There are various types of treats. You may find some better compared to the others.

The thing is, they also have some factors in common. They may contain enzymes that help break down plaque and bacteria damaging them. Also, they may be abrasive enough to clean his teeth.

Dog Dental Treat Benefits

Dental chews come in a number of varieties so there is no reason you cannot find a great treat that your dog can enjoy. While most small treats can be gobbled up by pets fast, dental treats last longer. Your pooch will definitely enjoy the chew and get the following benefits:

Stimulate Saliva Production

The treats stimulate the secretion of saliva to neutralize and prevent plaque acid causing decay. This is very useful ere in protecting your buddy from getting any dental problem.

Acts as Toothbrush

Just rub the chew against his teeth to loosen any food debris. The treat will serve as a toothbrush, cleaning his teeth and gums.

Mitigate Bad Breath

Dental chews are among the most famous treats that lessen mouth odor. Typically, they contain breath fresheners with actual chewing power removing unwanted debris or substances from dogs’ teeth.

Your furry pal may have a gastrointestinal issue if he had developed chronic or strong bad breath. Treat it right away before the bacteria enters his bloodstream which may result in a heart ailment.

Prevents Disease Development and Progression

Chews reduces the risk of periodontal disease development and progression. Keep note that this disease is prevalent among dogs and cats. So, never take this disease for granted.

Prevent Tooth Decay

The enzymes found in dog chews are so special that they fight against the bacteria which cause tooth decay. These enzymes are critical in maintaining the oral health of your best friend.

Encourage Chewing

There are things or foods that your dog needs to chew, and the treats will make him motivated to do so. Also, this will be training for him not to chew things like furniture, slippers, or shoes.

Stimulates Mental Health

Dental treats for dogs offer mental stimulation to your pooch and prevents him from getting bored. This can trigger bad or unpleasant behavior.

When Can You Give a Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats?

Treat your dog with dental chews when his brushing or cleaning routine is as challenging as feeding a little one. Keep in mind that dental cleaning remains critical to good oral care. However, regular dental care can be daunting which may result in resistance from your pet.

Try to hand him chews and slowly get him back to his regular brushing or cleaning sessions. This is to say that the chews serve as a way to reintroduce his dental or oral care on a regular basis.

What are the best dog teeth cleaning treats then? Read further.

Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Alright, let’s get straight to business. The following are the dental chews you should consider when purchasing one for your lovely canine.

1. Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz

Make your pooch smile with his sparkling white teeth with every Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz. This dog treat is manufactured to mitigate and control tartar build-up for all adult dog breeds.

Purina Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz

It is specifically formulated for lasting consumption as it is packed with protein. Purina takes pride in crafting it to clean your dog’s teeth while refreshing his breath.

The beefhide ingredient of this chew also offers a savory flavor aside from freshening his breath and breaking down tartar between brushings.

In times of boredom, give him this treat which is also an easy go-to item for fur parents like you. Other than a treat, it also helps curb any destructive behavior.

Specific Features:

  • Manufactured for tartar control
  • Has beefhide as its main ingredient
  • Rich in protein and flavorful
  • Formulated to last long
  • Available for dogs of all breeds and sizes


  • Help reduce tartar build-up
  • Easily digestible
  • Cleans teeth
  • Freshens breath


    • With its active ingredients, this may not be advisable for puppies

2. Purina DentaLife Adult/Large Dental Dog Chews

For the oral care of your large pooch, give him Purina DentaLife Adult/Large Dental Dog Chews. These dog chews are characterized by an innovative porous and chewy texture that has air pockets.

Purina DentaLife Adult Large Breed Adult Dental Dog Chew Treats

They have a distinct shape featuring ridges cleaning his teeth and gum line. He would love chewing these treats to thoroughly clean difficult-to-reach areas of his teeth.

The nutritious ingredients of these chews reduce and further control tartar buildup. Each pack promises a satisfaction guarantee for its savory chicken flavor.

However, it does not contain any artificial flavor that6 may be harmful to his health. This product is particularly manufactured for large dogs weighing 40 pounds and more.

Specific Features:

  • Innovative design of treats with a porous and chewy texture
  • Formulated for dogs of large breeds and sizes
  • Manufactured to reduce and control tartar buildup
  • For dogs’ oral/dental health
  • Free from artificial colors and flavors


  • Lessens the development of tartar
  • Cleans teeth and gums even in hard-reach corners
  • Freshens breath
  • Savory


  • Picky dogs may resist its chicken flavor unless they like it.
3. Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats

Train your pup regular dental hygiene with the help of Greenies Original Natural Dental Treats. These natural dog treats help fight tartar and plaque build-up in his teeth.

Greenies Original Regular Natural Dental Dog Treats

They come in toothbrush shape with contoured knuckle and tapered shaft to keep his oral and dental hygiene in check.

Their vitamins, minerals, and low-fat contents keep him healthy and help in his bad breath and overall nutrition.

This product is accepted by the veterinary oral health council (VOHC) and highly recommended by veterinarians. It is available in various sizes, which depends on the size of the dog.

Vets suggest giving your furry friend at least one chew every day for fresh breath, health, and dental hygiene.

Specific Features:

  • Contains natural ingredients like gelatin, vegetable oil, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients
  • Every chew has a unique texture
  • Varying package
  • High-quality nutritional content
  • Available for all dog breeds and sizes


  • Fights and controls the build-up of tartar and plaque
  • Prevents bad breath
  • Cleanses teeth
  • VOHC approved
  • Flexible chews
  • Chewy texture and tasty
  • Easy to digest


  • May not be favorable for wheat-sensitive dogs
  • Fluctuating price
4. Kirkland Signature Grain-Free and Gluten-Free Dental Treats

Always consider the safety of your pal as what Kirkland Signature Grain-Free and Gluten-Free Dental Treats promise.

Kirkland Signature Dental Chews 72 Dog Treats

Like Greenies Original Natural treats, they are made from natural ingredients and are free of grain and gluten.

They do not have any artificial flavoring, coloring, or preservatives. Yes, they are within the budget, yet they offer an excellent value.

These treats have a smart design and feature two sides with ridges and nubs to clean your pal’s entire mouth.

Their paw grip fits his paw so that chewing them would never be a hassle. At least one chew daily will be enough for him to keep his teeth healthy and clean.

Specific Features:

  • Contains safe and all-natural ingredients
  • Comes in a smart shape and with a paw grip
  • Gluten-free and grain-free
  • Formulated to prevent and control plaque and tartar build-up
  • No artificial flavor, color, and preservatives


  • Helps remove tartar and plaque
  • Cleanses teeth
  • Freshens breath
  • Budget-friendly
  • Safe


5. OraVet Dental Hygiene Dog Chews

Maintain a sparkling smile for your buddy with OraVet Dental Hygiene Dog Chews.

OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews Small 10-24lbs (30 Count)

These treats are unique among others because of their delmopinol HCI ingredient. The formula coats his gums, mouth, and teeth with a protective layer to keep the bacteria at bay.

These oral hygiene chews are packed individually and are available in various sizes. Their sizes are determined based on the weight of the dog.

They are moderately firm, which is effective in breaking down the plaque and in cleaning the teeth. Also, they reduce plaque and tartar build-up preventing their recurrence.

Specific Features:

  • The main ingredient is delmopinol
  • Contains soy and grain
  • Available in different sizes for all dog sizes
  • Serves as a preventive regimen for oral and dental health
  • Veterinarian recommended


  • Keeps bacteria at bay
  • Freshens breath and cleanses teeth
  • Provides and maintains good oral health
  • Removes plaque and tartar
  • VOHC approved


  • Not advisable for dogs with loose teeth
  • May not be suitable for pets with sensitive stomach as it has grains and soy
  • A bit pricey
6. Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Chew

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Dog Chew helps soothe the sore gums of your pooch with its smooth texture. This could be a good choice if he is teething.

Blue Buffalo Dental Bones Natural Adult Dental Chew Dog Treat Regular 12-oz bag

The treat contains DHA, which helps with his cognitive development. Its Taurine content is good for his heart health while its vitamins are for his immune system.

The chew is enhanced with extra minerals featuring healthy and wholesome ingredients. It even boosts his appetite. However, it does not contain chicken or any by-product meals.

It is free from wheat, soy, and corn as well as from artificial colors and preservatives. Other than cleaning his teeth and gums, the dental bone gives him a fresh breath as well.

Specific Features:

  • Comes in dental bones
  • Based in potato
  • Wholesome, natural ingredients (whole ground rice, taurine, dried parsley, chicken flavor, etc.)
  • Has vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • No artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives
  • Free from wheat, soy, and corn


  • Cleanses teeth
  • Highly digestible
  • Freshens breath
  • Maintains healthy gums and teeth
  • Premium brand
  • Soft and bendable


  • Cost more than the other dog chews
  • It may not be suitable for wheat and soy-sensitive dogs
7. Whimzees Natural Grain-Free Dental Chews

If your four-legged pal has food allergies, give him Whimzees Natural Grain-Free Dental Chews. These treats offer various options, which can be a good snack especially if you have many pups.

Whimzees Natural Grain Free Daily Dental Dog Treats, Variety Box

The variety pack contains all-natural chews without meat products and artificial ingredients. These chews freshen your pet’s breath and keep his oral hygiene.

Whimzees boasts the sustainability of their treats. The chews are potato-based and can last-long. They contain non-GMO ingredients without artificial flavors, preservatives, meat, and gluten.

Clinically, they are proven to be effective in mitigating tartar and plaque. Most importantly, these treats are hypoallergenic making them the best option for food-allergic pets since they are grain-free.

Specific Features:

  • Manufactured for dogs with allergies in food
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Non-GMO formula
  • No meat
  • Grain-free


  • All-natural
  • Cleanses teeth and gums
  • Long-lasting treats
  • Sustainable
  • Reduces tartar and plaque
  • Convenient to use


  • Some dogs may find it difficult to digest
8. Checkups Dental Dog Treats

Keep your dear pup safe while giving Checkups Dental Dog Treats every day. The chews contain omega-3 fatty acids, which is rare among the other treats.

Checkups- Dental Dog Treats, 24ct 48 oz. for Dogs

Dividing them is made so easy and that they are very digestible. Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of these treats in improving the dental health of canines.

This product is VOHC-accepted as it reduces tartar and plaque. It is free from gluten and other ingredients which can result in an upset stomach to dogs. Also, they are proven to help improve the dental and oral health of pets.

Specific Features:

  • Contains omega-3 acid
  • Formulated for a safe daily dental health
  • Has natural ingredients (potato and rice flour, flaxseed oil, glycerin, etc.)
  • No artificial preservatives, color, and flavor


  • Cleanses teeth and gums
  • VOHC-approved
  • Freshens breath
  • Reduces tartar and plaque
  • Stimulates gums
  • Highly digestible


  • May not be that easy to chew

Now, what treats are best for cleaning dog teeth? Some significant considerations should be taken seriously.

Choose the Best Dog Dental Treat Wisely

There are significant things you need to look for when picking the dental chew that suits your pet. These include:

The Quality of Ingredients

Remember that not all contents in dental treats are equally created. Be very careful and cautious as some manufacturers may put additives that are unnecessary.

The VOHC seal

Although the seal is not that important, this approval seal from the council makes sure that the treatment is beneficial and safe for the dental and oral health of your dog.

The Right Size

Vets recommend fur parents pick the product that suits the right size of their canine. This means the treat should be ideal for your pet’s body weight. It is also important to check the packaging for proper feeding guidelines.

Dental Health Benefits

Note the benefits offered by the dental treats to the oral and dental health of your pal. Ensure that the ingredients are right for him.


Products offered in various sizes and breeds would be a better option. It would be great if your chosen item boosts fun and interactivity.


These are the dog teeth cleaning treats we gathered, studied, and reviewed. Each of them is specially crafted to provide the best possible results to dogs. Investing in one or more of them is not a bad idea.

Always consider his specific needs in selecting the best chew. Your furry friend will have a healthier dental and oral lifestyle and will be very happy.

Our Pick

We choose Purina ProPlan Veterinary Diets Dental Chewz as the best dog teeth cleaning treat because of its uniqueness. The product is effective in removing tartar and plaque as well as in reducing their buildup. It is also safe and easy to give to your pooch as it is free from artificial colors, preservatives, and/or flavors.

Good luck in your search for the right chew among the dog teeth cleaning treats reviewed here.

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