11 Best Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers this Valentine’s Day

gift ideas for dog lovers

The time for romance is quickly coming upon us! You might be in search of a unique gift for your loved one.

But, is your lover a dog lover, too? If so, we have got you covered!

Our guide contains the best gift ideas for dog lovers with some tips and tricks, which will surely make your partner fall in love with you, along with their dog.

It contains gift ideas for both the owners and their dogs. So, if you want to take a gift on Valentine’s day for your partner, don’t forget to take one for their dog, too!

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers

1. A carbon pet training pad

If your partner just got a new dog that is not yet potty-trained yet, a pack of carbon pet training pad is highly preferred as a valentine’s day gift.

A new dog, especially puppies, is quite hard to train. When you bring them inside your home, expect that there is a lot of wiping and cleaning during the first few days.

Because they could not recognize their litter boxes yet, a pet training pad can come in handy.

It has a dog attractant so your partner’s furry friend would know where to do their business.

2. Rear seat covers for dogs

It is best to celebrate special occasions by traveling to places you have never been to with your partner, right?

However, there might be some instances where you have to cancel your trip because no one will be looking after the dog.

So, why not bring him with you?

And to do that, a rear seat cover for the dog can be very beneficial.

You don’t need to worry about accidental mess as it’s waterproof.

3. A personalized necklace

A personalized necklace is perhaps a nice and elegant gift for your lover.

The best idea is to add the image of your partner’s dog on the necklace and gift it to her. You can also add the dog’s name along with the picture, which will make it even more inspiring.

Your partner will love the gift as it will help her keep the dog’s picture wherever she goes; close to her heart.

4. A dog GPS tracker

A dog GPS tracker will be the handiest and useful gift you could give to your partner.

Dog owners are always worried about their dogs when they are away from home. So, a GPS tracker will help the owner get instant notifications about their dog’s location. It also records the activity levels of the dog and informs the owner about the exercise performed every day.

GPS trackers come with different features, so make sure the one you choose comes with multiple features, including:

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Tracking the location
  • Tracking the dog’s activity levels
5. A dog photo album

We all love collecting memories!

So, why not gift your partner a customized photo album where they can keep the favorite pictures of both of you with the dog?

Many photo albums come with customized covers with cute dog pictures, so you should consider getting such!

6. A dog puzzle

Your partner might be worried about her dog when away from home.

So, a good idea to keep her relaxed is by gifting a dog puzzle. As dogs like playing games when alone at home, your partner and her dog will love the puzzle.

It is also a way to make friends with the dog. As the market is flourished with different puzzles and toys for dogs, you can select any toy according to the dog’s size and preference.

7. A flower bouquet with packed dog treats

Flowers bouquets have been a token of love for many years.

So, don’t forget to take one for your partner.

But what about the dog then?

Don’t worry. You can also add some cookies to the flower bouquet, or take a box of cookies separately. Dogs love eating treats. While the treats will be the best gift for the dog, your partner will love the flowers.

8. Customized T-shirts

Dog owners like to match their clothes with their dogs.

So, an excellent gift idea is customized t-shirts, both with the same designs. You can also get the dog’s picture printed on both the t-shirts, which will give a cute look, making your partner impressed.

If you don’t have time for customizing the t-shirts, it’s okay!

You can quickly grab some cute-looking t-shirts with dog designs, too!

9. A dog carrying bag

As people like to take their dogs out for adventures, a dog-carrying bag or dog travel bag is one of the best gift ideas for dog lovers.

The best thing about these bags is their multiple uses. You can carry your dog in the bag and keep other accessories with you too.

So, prefer choosing a dog carrying bag if your partner does not have one to make the daily tasks easier.

If a carrying bag does not seem like a good idea, you can also gift a dog carriage, one of the most useful gadgets for dog owners.

10. A dog bandana and face mask

As face masks have become a necessity in our daily lives, we want to use masks with different styles and colors.

You can gift a customized face mask with dog pictures along with a matching bandana for the dog. Both of them will love the duo!

11. A dog-print scarf

If your partner is a fashion-lover, a printed scarf with dog pictures will be the best gift!

With scarfs of so many different colors and pictures of dogs on them, you can choose the best one in the market.

But don’t forget to choose your partner’s favorite color!

Final words

Valentine’s day is all about sharing love with your partner. But, if they are a dog owner, why not gift the dog something as well?

Choosing some cute presents with our best gift ideas for dog lovers will help you impress your partner, and make great friends with the dog as well!

If you have friends who have dog lover partners, don’t forget to share this blog with them. Happy Valentine’s day!

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