Dog Health Certificate For Travel: A Complete Guide!

dog health certificate for travel

Thinking about taking a family vacation abroad? Don’t forget to include your dog! But, have you secured the required health documentation for your dog to travel?

You might have heard about it for the first time and won’t know what to do. Don’t worry!

It’s not as complicated as you might think of it.

Here’s everything you need to know about a dog health certificate when taking it with you for traveling!

What is a dog health certificate?

A dog health certificate is like other pet health certificate forms. It is also known as the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

It ensures that the veterinarian did a complete checkup, and your dog is completely vaccinated and does not carry any harmful disease.

All countries have different requirements for a dog health certificate for travel. Some countries might have a specific health certificate, while others may not.

What to include in a dog health certificate?

For international travel, a dog heath certificate will include the following information:

Information about the dog:
  • Name
  • Breed
  • Age
  • Color
  • Country of origin
Information about the owner:
  • Name
  • Contact number
  • Address

The dog health certificate will include the vaccinations and treatments conducted before traveling. It also ensures that your dog is free of parasites and fleas. The vet will also check for heartworm disease and prescribe preventive medication.

The vaccinations should be against hepatitis, rabies, distemper, leptospirosis, and parvovirus.

When it comes to Rabies vaccination, all countries have different requirements. Some countries might want you to complete this vaccination 30 days before traveling and include it in the health certificate.

If your dog is already vaccinated before the time of traveling, it will receive shots.

But, the vaccination schedule should not be older than a year. The best idea is to get information about the vaccination before traveling with your dog.

How long does it take?

The dog health certificate for international travel takes more time. It is a detailed process with physical and internal examinations. Many states require a health certificate no older than 10 days before the flight.

Some states will also do extra treatments and blood tests, which can take a longer time. For example, countries like Finland, UK, Ireland, and Norway will require a tapeworm treatment after endorsement.

So, the best idea is to get the documents prepared at least two days before the flight. It will help avoid any last-minute hassles, which may cause you to leave your dog at home.

Where do I get a dog health certificate?

Most states will only accept the dog health certificate that an accredited and licensed veterinarian approves and signs.

The veterinarian will examine the dog and make sure that it cannot transmit any disease to other animals or people while traveling.

When the inspection is complete and the dog is safe to travel, the veterinarian will sign the certificate.

What health certificate do I need when traveling from the United States?

Many countries will require a dog health certificate for travel that is specific to them. However, some might not have one.

Suppose you are traveling to a country that does not have a specific health certificate. In that case, you can use the United States Interstate and International Certificate of Health Examination for Small Animals. We also call it the International Health Certificate USDA-APHIS 7001 form.

But, make sure that it is only applicable if you are traveling from the United States.

If you are traveling from a country other than the United States or Canada, and your destination country also does not have a health certificate, you can ask your veterinarian to provide you one.

How long is a pet health certificate good for?

For European Union countries, the pet health certificate is valid for four months, starting from the date you enter the country.

However, when you issue the certificate, it is valid for only 30 days. So, it is better to schedule the exams 10 days before you leave the country.

How much does a dog health certificate cost?

A dog health certificate will generally cost between $120 and $175.

Many countries will also require the health certificate to be endorsed by the USDA as well. Although USDA will charge a fee for this, it is generally small.

As every veterinary office will have a different fee, we cannot estimate the exact figure. If the veterinarian is licensed and accredited, you can get a health certificate from him.

Let your dog see the world!

Getting a dog health certificate for travel might seem complicated. But, it is a simple process if you know what to do. So, don’t leave your dog at home and let it enjoy with you!

If you face difficulty, your vet will also help you. The best idea is to doresearch about the country you are visiting and study their requirements. Then, get the health certificate accordingly.


  1. I was charged $265.01 for a health certificate for travel from banfield pet hospital!
    That was rediculuos!

  2. My wife wanted to buy a puppy on Bainbridge Island, Washington that was available for adoption. She was aware she needed to have a health certificate for it to travel in cargo on Alaska Airlines and that it needed to be written within 10 days of travel. What she wasn’t expecting was a wait time of at least three weeks just to get an appointment with a vet on the island so she had to cancel her travel and will now likely miss out on the opportunity. Is this typical?

    1. Stop putting your dogs through this crap!
      They don’t like their place of living any better or worse than some”exotic”place you may want to drag them off to.
      Find a good sitter and leave them at home. Flying on a commercial jet is nothing less than torture for a dog! I know I’ve seen it I used to be in that industry.

  3. There trying to charge me $400.00 for the health certificate plus $127.00 doctors visit in Yonkers central Ave veterinarian clinic.

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