How to Make a Dog Throw Up Safely: 9 Easy Things You Can Do

how to make a dog vomit

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Inducing vomiting in your dog, especially when traveling, is never easy and is no fun at all. You may want to make your pup throw up for several reasons like nausea, abdominal heaving, or if he has eaten something inedible like sharp objects.

Expelling the toxin will save his life, which is why learning how to make a dog vomit is critical. Read through and let’s get you some ideas and tips. 

Why Do Dogs Vomit?

Before resolving this health issue of your pup, know the root cause of vomiting first. This would be of great help in finding out the best and right solution for it.

Some causes of acute episodes or sudden vomiting are:

  • Bacterial infections in the gastrointestinal tract,
  • Intestinal parasites,
  • Pancreatitis,
  • Toxic substance ingestion,
  • Heatstroke,
  • Food intolerances,
  • Intestinal inflammation or obstruction,
  • Diet change,
  • Acute kidney failure,
  • Constipation,
  • Viral infections,
  • Certain medications.

Frequent vomiting could be because of some serious medical conditions. The symptoms you need to consider include:

  • Weakness
  • Fever
  • Dehydration
  • Depression
  • Vomit with blood
  • Abdominal pain
  • Weight loss

If your furry pal vomits yet continues to eat with regular bowel movement, this could just be an isolated case. However, you may have to take him to a veterinarian if he throws up food or manifests one or more of the symptoms above. 

Substances that Make Dogs Throw Up

Apomorphine, Clevor, Hydrogen Peroxide – these are the three substances that can make your dog throw up. Are they safe, though?

Most veterinary clinics use Apomorphine to make canines throw up. Occasionally, they use this as a tablet or as an injectable under the conjunctiva (the membrane that covers the eyeball and lines the eyelids).

The prescription medication Clevor causes vomiting when dropped in their eyes.

Most pet parents go for Hydrogen Peroxide for home remedies since it is usually available in bathroom cabinets. Use only the 3% solutions, though, as higher concentrations can be toxic to your pet.

Unfortunately, some dog owners use unsafe solutions to make their dogs throw up.

Try avoiding substances like salt water, alcohol, olive oil, and ipecac syrup. These solutions or methods may only make them even sicker.

Steps to Induce Vomiting in a Dog

Induce the throwing up of your canine through these ideas, methods, and tips.

1. Remind Yourself Why You Want Your Dog to Throw Up

Keep in mind you are inducing your dog to throw up because he might have ingested something poisonous . This would require a vet consultation for the proper solution. This is critical, especially when he refuses to eat anything.

Another reason is that every situation differs, so it can be appropriate for particular cases only.

Inducing throwing up can sometimes cause additional harm. For instance, if he has eaten a corrosive chemical, vomiting can be more damaging.

More so, pets with breathing issues may be at risk of inhaling their vomit into the lungs. This then may lead to serious complications. 

2. Keep Track of the Instance of Ingestion

It would most likely be too late to induce the ingested substance if it happened two hours or more prior to you finding out about it.

Your pet may have already absorbed the substance, or it has moved out from the stomach already and down into the small intestines. If this is the case, making your pet vomit would not be helpful.

Inducing him to throw up may still be beneficial if you are uncertain when the ingestion happened. Although, it won’t be surprising if nothing comes out.

3. Be Well Aware of the Physical Status of the Dog

Take note, you shouldn’t make your dog throw up if he has insufficient gag reflexes . He could choke on his vomit which may aspirate into his lungs, leading to severe pneumonia, if he throws up and cannot swallow correctly.

You shouldn’t induce vomiting on an intoxicated or impaired dog as well.

4. Use Hydrogen Peroxide

As mentioned earlier, administer one teaspoon of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide for 10 pounds of body weight through the mouth. You just need to get the bodyweight of your pup to determine the dosage of the solution.

A turkey baster or plastic dosing syringe works best for the administration. Give an extra dose of Hydrogen Peroxide if vomiting fails in 10 minutes.

If the second dose is not effective, it’s time to go to a vet. A more potent medication might be necessary for him to vomit. 

How to Make a Dog Throw Up Without Hydrogen Peroxide

If your dog ingests something inedible or toxic and you have no Hydrogen Peroxide in your medicine cabinet, there are other remedies you can use.

5. Food Intake in Small Amounts

Give your dog small amounts of treats or good food if he has eaten nothing recently.

Most of the time, some canines throw up more when they have ingested some food. This helps them get rid of the poisonous substances inside their tummies.

6. Administration of Washing Soda (Sodium Carbonate)

Another solution is by administering washing soda or soda washing crystals. It is highly recommended, though, that you first consult with your veterinarian before giving this substance to your dog. 

They will tell you if it’s the appropriate solution for inducing your dog to vomit and what is the right dosage to use.

7. Be at Your Dog’s Side

Like an infant, your pup needs you the most during this time. Stay with his side until he throws up.

Walk him around or allow him to bounce after dosing him. This movement encourages vomiting and helps ease his health.  

8. Keep Dog from the Vomit

Once inducing becomes successful, move your pet away from whatever he vomits. Keep in mind most dogs usually eat anything that they regurgitate.

In most cases, the vet may require you to get a sample specimen from the vomit for examination. 

9. Speak to a Veterinarian 

If none of the methods mentioned work, call your dog’s vet or any animal or emergency clinic near you. This depends on the seriousness of the incident.

The vet is the best professional to provide special medication to induce throwing up. It remains more effective and safer to have him induced at a veterinary clinic or hospital. 

These methods will help induce vomiting in dog and avoid the risk of dangerous emergency situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions often asked regarding inducing vomiting.

Is it OK to make your dog throw up?

Making your dog throw up when he accidentally ingested something he shouldn’t is okay. You must, of course, consult his vet for the proper medication.

The toxic substance ingested may cause poison in his stomach and so he should expel it from his system as soon as possible.

Can you make a dog throw up with your finger?

Sticking your finger down a dog’s throat will not make him throw up because he does not have the same gag reflex as humans. Actually, this will only cause trauma to his throat.

Can baking soda make a dog vomit?

While baking soda can make your pal throw up, you still need to consult your vet for proper dosage and application. It is still recommended to ask the vet if your pup needs it or not.


It is never pleasant to induce your dog to vomit, but getting rid of the toxin from his body is essential. This entails that you need to learn how to make a dog throw up.

Know how to administer hydrogen peroxide solution, get veterinary care, then follow guidelines on inducing vomiting.

3 percent hydrogen peroxide for every 10 pounds of body weight would be enough to get rid of the toxic substance. Pet owners should take note to control what their dogs ate.

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