The 10 Best Dental Chews for Dogs of 2024 Based on Reviews


There’s something genuinely enjoyable about getting loving licks from your puppy whenever you come back from a hard day’s work.

There are times when their breath stinks and they quickly need a mint. Mints help freshen up the breath of your pet. But you need the best dental chews for dogs for your little one.

Our top pick is Pedigree’s Dentastix


Best Dental Chews for Dogs

At a Glance at the Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Here are the best options you may consider on your search for the right dental chew for your pet:

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But before you actually get a dental chew for your dog, there are factors you need to consider.

Dental Hygiene for Dogs

Some pet owners are not aware of the necessity of oral hygiene for their teeth’s protection and stay healthy.

There are also those who abstain from this practice noting that tooth-brushing is none existent in wild animals such as coyotes, wolves, and any other canines.

Failure to do the hygiene practice actually results in some diseases.

This can even lead to inappetence, starvation, and pain. It’s significant to know that domestic pets live longer compared to the wild-roaming ones.

Their elongated lifespan indicates that their teeth may have to last twice or thrice, same as those of the wild canids.

Oral health for your pet is critical and maintaining his good oral health is a must otherwise, he will have missing or broken teeth.

There are several issues you have to be wary like organ damage and gum disease when any bacteria enter the blood through his unhealthy gums.

Oral Health Basics for Dogs

Most veterinarians suggest pet owners brush the teeth of their pets and see the veterinarian for regular periodontal examinations.

This will help prevent common dental problems of dogs. It’s a common and simple practice even enjoyed by dogs.

There are also those who hate it as they bare their nip or teeth at the hand of their owners. This leads them to the vet for their regular cleaning sessions.

They may require general anesthesia or sedation for the whole procedure. This can be risky, stressful, time-consuming, and expensive though.

Dog Chews: Choosing the Best

Since brushing your dog’s teeth can be unpleasant for you and your pet, it would be great to consider its modern alternatives.

Dental chews can be the smartest option for disease prevention other than making your pet happy and active.

They make sure that he will have fresh breath and complete oral hygiene.

There are actually a lot of them for you to choose from, which is why you have to select one appropriate for the breed of your puppy.

So to help you out with this, you may consider the following factors:

  • Type of chew (synthetic or natural) – Pet stores could give you a wide selection of dental chews categorized into natural and synthetic. It would be easy for dogs to get into their habit of chewing natural chews as they are used to their texture, taste, and smell. There’s a natural-based value in these chews. Meanwhile, synthetic chews are cleaner and less expensive than natural ones.
  • Quality – Know the quality of the chew that you are about to buy. It’s good to check the contents of the product to ensure it’s the best for your dog.
  • Benefits – While one chew can be effective to some, there are also those with side effects. Learn how your pet can benefit from a certain product.
  • Pros and Cons – Narrow down the advantages and disadvantages of your dog due to the wide variety of the chews available in the market.
  • Contents – Read the label of the chew you opt to purchase to prevent the items which may only cause allergic reactions to your pet.
  • Availability – Check the availability of your preferred chew for future purchases.
  • Veterinarian Consultation – Veterinarians may provide you with the best advice on the right chew for your pet as they made some examinations for the dogs they’re handling.

Before Giving Dental Treats

Always have fresh drinking water every time you give a chew to your dog. Monitor him and never leave him all alone while eating the chew.

There’s a tendency for him to be choked when biting a huge chunk of it. This may only cause him any harm.

Now, let’s get into details…

10 Best Dental Chews for Dogs

Since there are now a lot of dental chews available in the market, it would be wise to narrow down the best ones and choose. You may include one or more in the following list.

1. Pedigree’s Dentastix Triple Action Dog Chews

With its original flavors, dogs cannot resist, Pedigree’s Dentastix dog treats will take care of your pet’s bad breath.

Their distinctive X-shape design and chewy texture are already proven to be effective in preventing the tartar and buildup of your pet.


He will truly enjoy these Halloween-like candies that also promote oral health. The maximum effectiveness of the treats is apparent in giving him a pearly white smile.

It’s advisable feeding your pet with these chews daily for maximum benefits. Huge adults should receive one treat a day.

This may not be good for puppies or dogs weighing 30 pounds and below.


  • Dentastix treats are available in different flavors (original, chicken, beef, and bacon).
  • They help lessen the buildup of tartar and plaque and freshen pets’ breath.
  • You can buy them in large and mini chew sizes.


  • These treats are not recommended for dogs with weight below 5 pounds.
  • They are not a good option for dogs with gluten tolerance issue.

2. BLUE Dental Bones All-Natural Dog Treats

BLUE’s natural dog chews aim to freshen the breath and clean the teeth of your dog.

The treats are specially textured to soothe the sore gums of your pet. It would be great to give him these chews when teething.

These best dog breath treats contain DHA for cognitive development vitamins to boost his immune system, and Taurine to make him healthier.

Their Chondroitin and Glucosamine content can improve the health of your dog’s joints.

Your buddy may enjoy chewing them because they are highly digestible, wheat-free, tasty, and all-natural.


  • BLUE Dental Bones have pungent and meaty aroma making the dogs love to chew them.
  • These chews are available in large, regular, and small sizes to fit any dog.
  • They are a hundred percent grain and free from gluten.


  • The product did not specify whether or not it can prevent tartar or plaque build-up.
  • They can also be pricey and may not last long.[/fusion_li_item]

3. Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic Dog Dental Chews

Oral hygiene treats Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic dental chews are developed for plaque and tartar build-up prevention.

The product package has 30 pieces of large chews. Their beef hide serves as a natural abrasive cleaner keeping the teeth of dogs healthy.

These best dog teeth cleaning treats are attractive to dogs because of their poultry flavor.

You may feed your dog with one chew every day to lessen calculus and plaques.

Its combination of abrasive action and natural antiseptic activity controls the plaque.

It is the exclusive dual-enzyme system of the chew that gets rid of the bacteria forming the plaque.


  • Virbac C.E.T. Enzymatic dental chews can eliminate the age-old plaque in the teeth of your dog.
  • The chews can solve issues associated with bad breath.
  • Their ingredients are good for dogs with sensitive stomachs.
  • They can be bought in different sizes (extra-large, large, medium, and small).


  • The dental chews’ size is inconsistent.
  • They may cause some pets to vomit.
  • Their size maybe huge and cause some difficulty in swallowing for some dogs.

4. Zuke’s Z-Bone Natural Dental Treats

Zuke’s specifically designed its Z-Bone dog dental treats to clean and freshen up dogs’ breath. These chews provide antioxidants to dogs. They contain wholefoods including spinach, peas, and apple.

Their herb-content includes alfalfa, fennel, and parsley keeping the breath of your pet fresh.

All these purposeful ingredients help prevent his bad breath in the gut and mouth.

The texture of the bone encourages your dog to chew it longer.

Moreover, the chews are available in different sizes and flavors to better provide your dog with a wide range of choices.


  • Zuke’s Z-Bone dog dental treats are made of natural ingredients.
  • The chews are available in different sizes (large, regular, and mini).
  • They can be bought in certain flavors (Clean Cherry Berry, Clean Apple Crisp, and Clean Carrot Church)


  • These dog treats may not be favorable to some dogs.

5. Whimzees Potato-Based Paragon Toothbrush Dog Dental Treat

Whimzees Paragon Toothbrush dental treats for dogs are flavorful.

The dog treats in toothbrush shapes are made of natural vegetables making them totally edible.

They don’t include added chemicals, gluten, wheat, or meat products.

Your pet may find it chewy and nice to play in the mouth while freshening up his breath and lessen plaque build-up on his teeth.

These chews are a great way of trying a different treat for your pet since they are based on vegetables.

They are abundant in fiber but low in their fat content.


  • Whimzees Paragon Toothbrush is a vegetable-based dog dental chew that offers the best variation from the common treats.
  • Their toothbrush shapes are appealing for dogs and can be effective in eliminating the plaque in areas difficult to reach.
  • They are not messy compared to the other natural chews since they are meat-free.
  • You will not have a problem when they are messed into the floor due to its lesser amount of grease and residue from other products.


  • These meats may not be that attractive to meat-lover dogs.

6. Greenies Original TEENIE Dog Treats

Get your buddy a Halloween dog toy and let him enjoy with the Greenies Original TEENIE dog dental chews.

He can have fun sinking their teeth into these original-flavor and delicious treats.

The treats can be likened to Halloween candies that come with a chewy texture to prevent tartar and plaque.

They are very powerful, which is why veterinarians recommend them for the at-home oral care of dogs.

The vet recommended dog dental chews contain highly soluble ingredients, which are easy to digest and very safe.

Greenies ingredients low in fat making them great for overweight dogs. Their minerals and vitamins are even greater for their nutritional value.


  • Greenies Original TEENIE chews offer a complete oral health solution as long they are given daily.
  • The chews are easy to feed to dogs since they are tasty and great texture.
  • They can be the best option for Halloween treats.
  • Your dog will be spared from any digestive-related issues because they are easy to digest.


  • They can be very expensive.

7. Milk-Bone Daily Dental Brushing Chews

Chicken-flavored MilkBone Brushing Chews are specifically designed to lessen the tartar and plaque build-up as well as freshen up the breath of your pet.

The dental treats are effective in taking care of his teeth as they minimize the tartar and plaque build-up.

The revolutionary bone design of these chews can clean the difficult-to-reach back of dogs’ teeth down to their gum line.

Milk-Bone Daily Dental Brushing Chews package includes 16 minerals and vitamins including calcium for strong teeth and bones.

Each bone contains 63 calories. These dog treats do not contain wheat products.

They can be as effective as brushing your pet’s teeth for twice weekly. Daily tooth brushing though is highly recommended.


  • Milk-Bone Daily Dental Brushing Chews thoroughly clean tartar and plaque from hard-to-reach areas of the mouth.
  • These dental dog treats are an easy solution for a day-to-day oral care of your pet.
  • They clean just like a toothbrush does.
  • The treats are reputable for their excellence in tartar control with their veterinary oral health council seal of acceptance.


8. Booda Fresh N’ Floss Tug Rope Dog Toy

The distinctive Booda Fresh N’ Floss Tug Rope allows your pet to floss on his own.

The rope is made up of durable cotton and spearmint-scented floss for its distinctive twist on one of the most common games between you and your pet.

It comes with a wax-coated nylon strand and baking soda to control tartar and prevent plaque.

It’s non-irritating, sensitive, and non-invasive to gums and mouths.

This dog toy serves as a great twist on the regular, traditional knot tug rope used as toys.

It also helps freshen up the breath of your dog.


  • The dental floss of Booda Fresh N’ Floss Tug Rope has been twisted among the rope’s natural fibers to keep your dog teeth healthy and clean.
  • The toy is a great option if your dog has sensitive gums and mouth as it will not cause irritation like the other dog toys.
  • Its spearmint ingredient helps prevent bad breath.
  • It’s best for the keen chewers making it durable to keep your don inside your house.


  • There can be a tendency to have threads scattered around the house when the toy is about to be broken.

9. Nylabone DuraChew Tasty Power Chew

Powerful Nylabone DuraChew is developed with tough and durable nylon along with its textured surface for additional fun in chewing.

The product is a lasting chew toy best for aggressive dogs.

Its raised bristles help promote fresh breath and clean teeth controlling tartar and plaque build-up your dog may love its scrumptious flavor medley.

The ridges and nubs help clean his teeth.

It is designed and developed for dogs weighing more than 50 pounds.

It is even designed for lasting usage to give justice to your monetary investment.


  • Nylabone DuraChew is price-even despite being a lasting treat. This allows you to replace it regularly without hurting your pocket.
  • The toy uses various textures to keep the dog interested to chew for long hours.
  • While chewing, its bristles will be raised to keep his teeth clean and without plaque.
  • Its ring shape indicates his ability to easily bite and grip the toy.


  • As its name implies, the toy is specifically made for larger dogs making it not the best for puppies.

10. Benebone’s Return the Flavor Dental Toy

Benebone’s dental dog chew toy is made out of a durable nylon with an ergonomic curved design for a better grip.

The toy comes with deep grooves for a satisfying bite and encouragement in chewing while promoting healthy gums and teeth.

To purchase this product can give you an opportunity to support that campaign for animal welfare.

This dental chew toy has real food ingredients for irresistible scent and flavor with 100% of pure bacon flavor.

It also features patented ridges for smooth dental simulation.


  • Benebone’s dental chew has a dog-friendly design for a good chew.
  • Its extra-strong nylon is good for tartar and plaque removal.
  • It has an ergonomically curved design that permits a good bite.
  • The brand has already built its reputation since it is committed to animal welfare


  • There is a tendency for this toy to wear and shed that’s why you need to replace it every after use

Buying Guide for Choosing Best Dental Treats for Dogs

Choosing the best dental treats for dogs is necessary to ensure that your pets get the appropriate nutrition that they need.

Buying dental chews is a must for those who have busy schedules since these products help in keeping your dog’s teeth clean and prevent nasty bad breaths even without frequent vet visits.

But what are the factors that should be taken into consideration in picking the best dental chews?

Several factors are discussed below for your reference.

Evaluate your pet’s chewing strength

Assessing the chewing strength of your dog is significant to pick the appropriate chews for them.

Rawhide and cow hooves are not appropriate for pups since their chew force will not match to the toughness of these dental chews.

Avoid providing ultra-soft chews to pups since it won’t produce enough mechanical action that will effectively remove dentition particles.

Moreover, adult dogs receive resilient and tougher chews since they can easily eat soft dental chews in minutes.

Consider the ingredients used

Some dental chews are nutritious while some are without any additional ingredients.

However, if you prefer nutritious treats for your dogs, you need to look at the ingredients listed in the labels of the products.

The nutritional value of dental chews must be taken into consideration especially if your pets have health problems.

You need to choose chews that are formulated using natural ingredients.

Synthetic ingredients in dog treats are okay as long as these ingredients are safe and come in small amounts.

Give dogs raw bones

Various recreational raw bones are being produced by manufacturers nowadays.

These raw bones are formulated from antibiotic-free animals like pork and deer which are excellent cleaners of dog’s teeth and oral cavities.

However, you should supervise your pets every time they eat raw bones since bone fragments can cause an injury in the lining of their digestive tract if swallowed.

Be wise in picking natural dental chews

There are plenty of natural chews available in the market like bully sticks and rawhide which are excellent for dog’s chewing strength.

But you need to make sure that these products are manufactured using natural methods and did not undergo bleaching.

In addition, chews should not contain antibiotics, additives, and hormones which are not good for the health of your dogs.

With the information given above, it would be safe to say that you can actually play with various approaches in the best dental chews for dogs.

It would be critical for you as a pet owner to monitor the chew given to your pet for the bite durability.

Should you have anything else to know, never hesitate to let us know.

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