Dog Peeing on the Carpet? Here are 5 Top Solution


Having trouble with your dog peeing on the carpet? Not sure how to stop this behavior? Looking for ways to get rid of the stain and odor? Look no further…

If your dog is peeing on the carpet, it can be a really persistent and frustrating problem on your hands. Especially if you’re a new owner and are just learning the ropes when it comes to potty training your new puppy.

Once your pup develops a habit of peeing on the carpet, it can be tough to get her to shake it off. And the solution may not be straightforward, depending on why your dog started having these “accidents” in the first place.

However, it’s not hopeless, no.

That’s right.

In this post, we’re going to help you formulate a solid plan to get your dog to stop peeing on the carpet.

And not just that…

We’re also going to give you some tips on managing the messes while you’re working on your pup.

But first…

Why is My Dog Peeing on the Carpet?

Usually, a case of the dog peeing on the carpet is encountered by new owners, especially with young puppies, who aren’t yet properly house trained, and not used to the strange, new environment.

However, some cases could be a bit more complicated.

For instance, your dog may have started peeing on the carpet due to reasons such as:

A New Home

Like we mentioned earlier, moving to a new home is one of the more common reasons for a dog peeing on the carpet, until she figures out the new territory.

Significant, Sudden Changes in The Environment

Things like major renovations of the house, changes to the routine due to your job, new members of the family or someone leaving or dying, etc.

Psychological Issues

Like abnormal fear, excitability, paranoia due to one of the reasons above or any other issues

Health or Age-Related

Older dogs might develop incontinence, which can be unavoidable. Or it could be a symptom of a sickness or a side-effect from medications

Whatever be the case, you will have to deal with it as the owner. In most instances, this habit can be stopped through consistent training, or simply a change in routine.

However, even if it’s unavoidable, there are things you can do to make it easy on yourself as far as cleaning up is concerned – whether it’s using puppy pads or a stain and odor removing spray.

Tips for Dealing with Dog Peeing on the Carpet

If your dog keeps peeing on the carpet, there are a number of ways you can approach the situation.

Of course, you must try to get your dog to stop the habit altogether – and there are a few ways to go about that. But even if you have to face up to the reality that your pup isn’t going to stop soon, there are several things you can do to make life easier.

And we will cover all of that in this section…

But foremost – do make a point of carefully observing your dog and her behavior through all this. Keep a track of things like how often she has these episodes, whether she pees in a particular area, or at a particular time, or whether she only pees on the carpet in a specific situation – like when no one is at home.

Noting all these details could turn out to be key to the solution, like when your vet needs certain information to zero in on a diagnosis.

1. Get Your Puppy Checked Up by the Vet

This is the first thing you should really do, just to rule out any possible health-related reasons behind the problem.

If your dog is a senior citizen, all the more reason to do so.

Have your vet do a complete examination. If there are no medical reasons behind the issue, your vet will recommend a professional trainer, or at the very least, certain exercises you can do at home.

2. Crate Training Exercises to Establish Cues and Routines

Crate or kennel training is a great way to establish a routine and discipline when your puppy pees inside the house.

Make sure the crate you get for her is roomy and comfortable enough for her size and considering how active she is. Having some of her favourite toys, as well as feeding and water bowls is also important for her to accept it as her “den”.

The idea here is to make use of the fact that dogs normally avoid soiling the place where they sleep or hang out in. So if your puppy accepts the crate as her “spot”, she really wouldn’t relieve herself there if she has a choice.

Make a point of taking her out to relieve herself after every “crate-time”. This will eventually act as a cue, so you only need to crate her for a bit each time that you need her to relieve herself – say before bedtime, or before you have to leave for work.

But wait…

Make sure you reward her every time she does it right, so it’s reinforced as part of her natural behavior.

3. Establish Firm Schedules and Routines

There’s no better way to get rid of this problem than setting the right schedule.

Isn’t it?

Learn how often and approximately when your puppy needs to relieve herself, and set her walking times accordingly.

And yes, there must always be a bathroom break after mealtimes, right before bedtime, and of course, before you have to leave her at home.

Keep in mind, though…

Young pups and older dogs need more frequent such breaks!

4. Preparing for the Inevitable

If your dog pees on the carpet, fixing the problem will always take some time. And that means accidents are unavoidable.

That’s right…

There’s no getting around this. You have to be prepared to do some cleaning.

Using natural and organic methods is always great, like lemon juice or a vinegar solution. But honestly, if your puppy pees in the same spot every time, you need more reliable means.

Stain and odor removal sprays are pretty much essential in these situations. Dogs often choose the same spot to pee or poop. And they locate these places by the lingering scent.

So merely wiping up the mess isn’t enough. You have to be thorough and get rid of the odor as well.

Stain and odor removal sprays are quite reliable nowadays, and you will need one.

And to be even more meticulous, there are also puppy pads. You can even train your puppy to use these pads when she absolutely has to go inside the house – like when she’s home alone.

5. Lastly – Understand that Punishment Will Only Make Things Worse

We’ve mentioned this a number of times in our posts, and that’s because it’s really important.

Punishing your puppy after the fact doesn’t do any good – for either of you. You will only end up scaring and hurting your confused little pup even more.

Unless you catch your puppy in the act of peeing on the carpet, don’t punish or scold her. Swallow your anger or annoyance. She will not understand why you are upset.

In this case, you can use stain and odor spray to help clean up the mess on the carpet.

When you do catch her, use stern voice commands to make clear your displeasure while stopping her or leading her out or to the pee pad. Then make sure to reward her when she does it right.

We hope you found this post useful in dealing with your dog peeing on the carpet. If you have any tips or suggestions of your own, do post them in the comments section below!

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